It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere – Housemade Margaritas

Margaritas.  So festive, tart, and refreshing.  Perfect for Cinco de Mayo or any day of the year when you want to be swept away to a warmer time.  I have a super simple recipe for stellar margs that you can make when you want to treat yourself. Ever check out the ingredients label on the … Continue reading It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere – Housemade Margaritas

Is that Baby Holding a Taco? – The Best Chicken Taco Recipe Ever

Like many other four year olds, she is a seriously picky eater. Most nights, she would prefer to survive on water in her protest of trying new foods. However, there is always one exception. Taco Tuesdays. On Taco Tuesdays she eats like a champ. Americanized Mexican cuisine is right in her wheelhouse. I am here to share with you our family’s favorite chicken taco recipe. Feel free to jazz it up with whatever toppings you like, but here is the basic recipe.

Are You Getting Saucy With Me? – Cilantro and Lime Dressed Up 3 Ways

Sun’s out! Gun’s out! The sun is shining here on the farm so let’s break out the big guns and make this delicious dressing. This recipe will allow you to have a food party with yourself for the entire week. With a few tweaks you can make 3 different meals with this stuff. If you don’t like cilantro, limes, or easy recipes, then move on. Otherwise, keep reading if you want to have a party in your mouth.

I Think I Sauced Myself – Buff. Garlic Wings to Get Messy Over

We all have our favorite go-to spots to get some good wings. My college roommate and I often frequented an establishment, almost weekly, to the point that they knew our order before we even sat down. But let’s face it. There are some days you would rather put on your pants with the elastic waste … Continue reading I Think I Sauced Myself – Buff. Garlic Wings to Get Messy Over

Brunch and Bubbly – Easy Egg Bake with Plum Mimosas

It's the beginning of spring when the weather hasn’t quite decided it if wants to move on from that gross winter chill to the warm delight that is spring. Like all of the plants that have been waiting so patiently, I feel like I also start to wake up and bloom after the disgusting depression of winter comes … Continue reading Brunch and Bubbly – Easy Egg Bake with Plum Mimosas